CryptoSlimes are a collection of 8888  AI generated 36x36px slimes who have been helped by Gods to escape the slavery they were in and create their own meta-civilization on the Polygon blockchain (no gas fees!). With over 100 different traits, Gods have managed to save some really rare slimes to make sure they prosper and thrive for milleniums to come.

Click The Button Below To Start Minting Your Crypto Slimes For 30 MATIC Only (Public price will be 80 MATIC when preseale is over - Save 60%+). You can mint up to 20 per transaction. No limit per wallet!

Instant Reward: Mint 5 and you will receive 1 free NFT to your wallet address (allow 2-3 hours for the airdrop). Mint 10 and you will receive 2 free NFTs. Mint 20 and you'll get 5 free NFTs!

What Are CryptoSlimes About?

CryptoSlimes is a pixel art NFT metaproject featuring Slimes.

It's not just a NFT collection. It's a complete ecosystem we'll create with our community.

The first mission "Saving the Slimes" is the most critical, as you will help Slimes escape their decaying environment to reach new horizons and start their own civilisations. This is the beginning of their journey, and of your journey as the sponsor of Crypto Slimes. With your help, they will be able to travel, conquer new territories, live peacefully (but not always) and breed.

The Crypto Slimes ecosystem will have characters, (is)lands, gears, boats, boosts, a $LIMES coin (to stake, to redeem new items / NFTs, for in-game trading) and ultimately SLIM ISLAND, a kind of Sim City devoted to Crypto Slimes environment.

On top of that, holding Crypto Slimes will give you access to many benefits listed below.


No limited presale (everyone can get discounted Slimes), No whitelisting, No Reveal before minting closes, Randomly generated and shuffled images, Provenance Hash stored in the smart contract (meaning there's no manipulation of the NFTs, their order, their rarities...), No tier prices.

8888 Unique NFT's

Each Crypto Slime has a unique DNA, based on its unique combination of traits and attributes (see below for a list of attributes, and check our rarity table on Discord)

20 Per Transaction

You will be able to mint up to 20 Crypto Slimes per transaction. Need more? Simply initiate a new transaction. Mint Price:30 MATIC during pre-sale, 80 MATIC during public sale.


The Crypto Slimes Money Tree

Of course, you will be happy to rescue a CryptoSlime and hold it dearly. But you might be wondering how we will ensure that your holding increases in value, and how we will help you make money when you invest in Crypto Slimes

  • Community Wallet: we will create a community owned wallet (part of the DAO) that will receive ongoing funding from the Royalties fees (2.5%).
  • This community wallet will be used as an Investment Fund to support the project itself (thus generating returns shared in this wallet), investment in other NFT projects (Blue Chips), Partnerships (e-commerce, apparels, ads)Video Landing / Review page (with copy, review, video, bonuses, instructions). Holders will be able to propose, vote and the community will decide (DAO). This wallet will have a multisig in place (with members of the community). This will also fund regular ETH giveaways (to holders), NFT giveaways, and grants.
  • $SLIMES token will be used to reward holders, for DAO governance, and later on as in-game currency.
  • Every holder with at least 3 CryptoSlimes will get rewarded with extra $SLIMES AND get a free NFT from our upcoming project.

These are just a few ways we will increase the value of your CryptoSLimes, by creating a complete ecosystem with a built-in ROI generation engine (investment fund owned by the community and getting passive returns shared with the community)

8 Trait Categories, 88 Traits, 8 Levels Of Rarities, 8888 Unique Adorable Slimes To Save!

Backgrounds, Special Effects

Some of the Slimes landed on on no man's land, some on mountains, some on the moon...Some have special powers (fire, ice, snow, healing)


Eyes & Eye Wear

Some Slimes are bored, some are blind, some have a monocle or glasses. All will survive!


Hat & Gears

Some slimes will be kings, some (quite rare) will become wizards or warriors, and have been given some gears to survive (swords, hammer, scepter...)


Body & Mouth

On top of the blue slime, many slimes are purple, red, yellow, green, and we even have a Wilson (really rare). Some have a grey beard, while some wear a mask, many are happy, some have been infected by a vampire virus!



10% Minted

Creation of the Crypto Slimes VIP Club. Only holders will be allowed in. And they will receive important updates about the project, how to collect $LIMES, NFT news on important projects, partnerships and rewards (coins, ETH prizes, free NFTs from this project and other projects)

30% Minted

8 Crypto Slimes will be airdropped to early adopters.

50% Minted

$LIMES token will be created and our team will start working on the $LIMES ecosystem

80% Minted

Our team will start creating new gears, islands, boats, mutants and the breeding contract... in preparation of the CryptoSlimes upcoming game and missions.

100% Minted

We keep creating and developing the CryptoSlimes ecosystem to add more value to your NFT over the long run. We will organize virtual events to share the project details and progress, AMA sessions, as well as the DAO for the CryptoSlimes ecosystem. Holders will be able to suggest ideas and to vote and decide where the project should go.

Max The Wizard

Designer, Engineer, Slim

Totolol Slime Roller

IG, Tiktok Mogul, Slim

The Rain Maker

Community Management

With the support of the "Minting Your Future" Tech Team

JP Schoeffel

Founder, Turns Ideas Into Concepts

Anna Fiadorchanka

CTO, Turns Concepts Into Solutions

Paul Brooks

 Manager, Turns Concepts Into Stories


Lead Developer, Turns The Impossible Into Reality


Senior Developer, He didn't know it was impossible, thus he did it


System & Security Administrator


The Artist (or at least one of our talented artist)


Videographist & Production, Turns Messages Into Videos


and all the others artists, copywriters, designers, project managers who are contributing to giving life to your ideas and projects, thank you!